Commit 80e17bae authored by cazenave's avatar cazenave
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change client url to loadbalacer kubernetes url

parent d9638db3
#Properties #Properties
#Tue May 19 12:26:55 CEST 2020 #Thu Jul 16 15:46:54 CEST 2020
build.version=1.3.0 build.time=2020-07-16T13\:46\:54.523Z
build.artifact=fairdatapoint build.version=1.3.0
"groups": [],
"properties": [
"name": "instance.clientUrl",
"type": "java.lang.String",
"description": "Client URL."
"name": "instance.persistentUrl",
"type": "java.lang.String",
"description": "Persistent URL."
"name": "security.jwt.token.expiration",
"type": "java.lang.Long",
"description": "Number of days until a token expires."
"name": "security.jwt.token.secret-key",
"type": "java.lang.String",
"description": "Secret string used for JWT signing and validation (we recommend to generate some randomly)."
"hints": []
\ No newline at end of file
#Generated by Git-Commit-Id-Plugin #Generated by Git-Commit-Id-Plugin
#Tue May 19 12:26:53 CEST 2020 #Thu Jul 16 15:28:07 CEST 2020
git.branch=develop git.branch=master\:26\:53+0200\:28\:07+0200
git.closest.tag.commit.count=816 git.closest.tag.commit.count=
git.commit.message.full=Merge pull request \#82 from FAIRDataTeam/release/1.3.0\n\nRelease 1.3.0 (develop) git.commit.message.full=change client url to loadbalacer kubernetes url
git.commit.message.short=Merge pull request \#82 from FAIRDataTeam/release/1.3.0 git.commit.message.short=change client url to loadbalacer kubernetes url
git.commit.time=2020-04-27T14\:14\:59+0200 git.commit.time=2020-07-16T14\:23\:36+0200 Knaisl
git.dirty=true git.dirty=true
git.remote.origin.url=https\:// git.remote.origin.url=https\://
git.tags= git.tags=
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